We are a boutique consulting company specializing in reporting, metric creation, and analytics.

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We are a privately owned consulting company specializing in reporting, metric creation, and analytics. We deliver smart, practical, original solutions that enhance value and growth for our clients. We have experience spanning various industries including marketing, financial services, sports, and non-profit.

As a boutique consulting company, we build strong relationships, dig into the data, and understand the details and nuances that make our clients and projects unique. We emphasize quality and long-term relationship building and take a flexible approach to resourcing.

Statistics is the art of insightful summarization. Economics is the art of using scarce resources wisely. We intelligently and creatively utilize the wide array of business information available.  We help our clients by providing them with tools and insights to make smart, well-informed business decisions.

How Can We Help You?


We have extensive expertise in summarizing data to build reports that are accurate, automated, and easy to read. Understanding core marketing data is a key to making informed strategic decisions. We emphasize visualization and explanation as elements of our reporting.


We build predictive models as our core competency. We employ a structured modeling process that blends human thinking with statistical software. Because we create new software and algorithms by hand, we are very comfortable with offbeat, missing, outlier, and untamed data. Some of our specialties include: combination of cross-sectional and longitudinal time-series data, top decile lift optimizations, and identification hidden variables. We go beyond what plug and play stats packages give as outputs.

Phil Castoro

Principal & Owner

Phil brings 25+ years of business experience to his consulting practice. Previous to his ten years of leading P3 Analytics, Phil gained five years of consulting experience at Merkle. On the client side, he worked for Citigroup and Columbia House. His expertise is in the formation mathematical solutions, and their communication and translation into everyday language.  Phil has an MA in Economics (NYU) and an MS in Statistics (UConn).


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